How to Advertise Your Property or Lease

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How do I advertise my property on the site?

  1. First you will need to create an account. Please fill in the information required and click on the save button at the bottom of the page. (You can also click on “My Account” on the main page and begin with “Create a New Account” and fill out the fields required.
  2. You will then need to login with your username and password and purchase the appropriate length of ad.
  3. Read the Policies and Procedures page and click accept at the bottom to go to the next page. (Once you click accept, you won’t be asked to read this again)
  4. Read the Terms or Use page and click Accept at the bottom. (Once you click accept, you won’t be asked to read this again)
  5. Enter your credit card information to purchase your listing.
  6. An electronic email will be sent immediately after your purchase to the email address you entered confirming the transaction.
  7. After your purchase, click on “Add a Listing” to the right side of your account page and begin adding your ad information.

What information can help me sell my property?

  1. Use accurate and descriptive phrases to describe your land: examples: 20% of land is mature hardwoods, mostly oaks and maples. 30% tillable with rolling hills. 50% wetlands. Lots of wildlife including pheasants, turkey, deer and waterfowl. 40 acres in Managed Forest. Explain if there is electrical on the property or if there is access to electrical from the property line. (Probably access if you are on a paved road, but you will need to check with local electrical company if you’re not sure) Is there a well on the property? What type of access is there to the property? Ex. Grass drive way, paved, gravel, farm road, no car access but possible ATV or off road vehicle, foot access only.
  2. If land is surveyed, please make note of this in description.
  3. Provide an aerial photo that you can get for free from google earth or a black and white image of your property from Microsoft Research Maps. *Remember to outline the approximate borders of the property.
  4. Provide pictures of the property. You don’t need to include a lot of pictures but the major features of the property should be shown. Ex. Any buildings, fields and crop land, hills, woods from a distance, wildgame taken on property, driveway. If you don’t have a camera or you can’t place the pictures on the site, you can call us for help.