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1) Why should I list my land on WIHUNTINGLAND.COM?

  • Top rankings on page 1 for Google, Yahoo and other search engines for Wisconsin Hunting Land and similar search terms.
  • Web-Site has been online since 2005!
  • Billboards on Hwy 14 in Wisconsin
  • Affordable! 1 listing is 75.00 for 6 months or $500.00 for unlimited ads/listings for 1 year
  • Buyers contact you directly!
  • No extra costs, no commissions or fees when property sells
  • Buyers link directly to your site increasing visits to all your listings
  • Over 300+ people a day are going to wihuntingland.com
  • Track how many people view your listing on a daily basis
  • Link your personal or company website directly to each ad.

2) How Much Does it cost to place a Banner Ad on WIHUNTINGLAND.com

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3) How much does it cost to advertise a property or lease?

$75.00 for 1 listing for 6 months

$500.00 for unlimited listings for 1 year

$50.00 for lease listings for 6 months

4) How do I start an account and add a listing?

  1. You will need to create an account on this site. Please fill in the information required and click on the save button at the bottom of the page. (You can also click on “My Account” on the main page and begin with “Create a New Account” and fill out the fields required.
  2. You will then need to login with your username and password and purchase the appropriate length of ad.
  3. Read the Policies and Procedures page and click accept at the bottom to go to the next page. (Once you click accept, you won’t be asked to read this again)
  4. Read the Terms or Use page and click Accept at the bottom. (Once you click accept, you won’t be asked to read this again)
  5. Enter your credit card information to purchase your listing.
  6. An electronic email will be sent immediately after your purchase to the email address you entered confirming the transaction.
  7. After your purchase, click on “Add a Listing” to the right side of your account page and begin adding your ad information.

5) How long will my listing(s) run?

The one time listing for $75.00 will run for 6 months, if your property sells before the 6 months expires you can place a sold sign on your listing by going to your account and editing the listing.

*The Unlimited Package for $500.00 runs for 12 months.

6) Why should Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Companies use this site?

  • wihuntingland.com will give your company and clients incredible exposure!
  • We target a specific audience looking for Wisconsin Hunting and recreational property.
  • Buyers link directly to your web-site increasing the number of buyers viewing all your listings!
  • The Unlimited listing package can be shared with your whole office!

7) What is the difference between listing my land on this website and my local newspaper?

WIHUNTINGLAND.COM is a global website. Local newspapers handle a small region. Our 6 month listing rate of $75.00 per listing is cheaper than most weekend rates for newspaper advertising. The people visiting this site are looking for property in Wisconsin!

8) What type of land should be listed on this site?

The following types of property should be listed on WIHUNTINGLAND.COM

  • Hunting land of any size or type
  • Cabins, houses, trailers on or near hunting land. (This includes land near Public land)
  • Farms with wooded acreage or CRP land.
  • Recreational property
  • Commercial property related to recreation such as Resorts, Game Farms, Sporting Goods Stores, ect.
  • Rural vacant land

9) What should not be advertised on this site?

We do not advertise the following:

  • Residential Houses in an urban setting
  • Commercial Buildings not related to Outdoor Activities
  • Commercial Property not related to Outdoor Activities
  • Land Zoned for Commercial Use
  • Land within city limits (Unless it backs up to recreational property)

10) How do we contact you?

Call (888) WIS HUNT (947-4868), or e-mail us at info@wihuntingland.com

11) Do I have to own a computer to list my land?

No. We’d be glad to assist you in advertising your land. We can take all your information over the phone and have your property getting seen by potential buyers the same day. Please give us a call (888) WIS HUNT (947-4868) for more infomation.

12) How can I pay for an ad?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We are a completely secure site.

We also accept checks made out to Wisconsin Hunting Land, LLC. Please Contact us for address at 888-947-4868 or email info@wihuntingland.com